The name Acoustic Alchemy Studio was purposefully chosen. 


   The acoustics of Augustana Chapel are perfectly suited for musical performances.  Alchemy is a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. This is a good definition of how music touches and transforms us. The word studio communicates a sense of intimacy. Studios are usually smaller places where one opens oneself to the creative powers within. This is a perfect description of the intimacy of Augustana Chapel. We are providing concerts of acoustic music offered in an intimate setting that can be transformative.


Acoustic Alchemy Studio is an outreach ministry for Immanuel Lutheran Church. The purpose is to reach out to people beyond our own congregation and into the community of Boise who might never consider walking through our doors for a worship service or any other ministry. It was built in 1915 and has been restored and stayed to its original design which offers a very intimate and sacred experience to incredible high quality acoustics. By offering this venue to be used for concerts open to the public it provides better stewardship of our facility. It provides a “pure music” venue where the musicians and the listeners are not distracted from one another by noise and commotion you find at “bar” venues.

Our venue is a way to invite people through the doors for something that meets them where they are at through a public community arts performance.


Note: Augustana Chapel is an historic building and is not handicapped accessible.


My husband Alan and I are members of the Church of the Great Outdoors. Bird songs, water, breeze and wind are our regular choir. But, we’ve found a new venue to our liking, as well. We recently attended Christie Lenee’s concert at the Acoustic Alchemy Studio. We’d never heard of her nor the 1924 Chapel where she played, next to the Immanuel Lutheran Church on Fort Street, before. A very wonderful & warm setting to enjoy Christie, accompanied by her crystal-clear voice with her unique ‘finger style’ guitar playing. The Acoustics were superb and alchemy transpired. Through Acoustic Alchemy Studio, we look forward to more concerts with this exceptional kind of talent. Word has it that Lenee may return in August.
—  Alice Crockett
I want to express our gratitude for your willingness to allow local and national artist to use your
Augustana Chapel as a venue for their performances. My wife and I attended the concert of
Christie Lenee and enjoyed both the artist and the venue. The acoustics were outstanding
allowing us to easily hear and enjoy the many aspects of her performance. My wife and I plan to
attend future concerts and look forward to the variety of music at your location and again want
you to know we appreciate you providing the space to enjoy artists in a warm and intimate
— Mike and Kristin Sager
My appreciation for your efforts to create an intimate musical experience at the
Immanuel Lutheran Church back in February.  Even though I am not a member of the
Church, I felt welcomed by the members and experiencing Christie’s music was quite
special.  These days, when people are so often categorized and dismissed for
senseless reasons, Christie showed that inclusion and connection are important and
meaningful to all communities.  I truly hope you can continue to bring people like
Christie into Boise and are able to share in such a wonderful & warm setting that felt
open and accepting. My wife and I look forward to seeing more performances.
— Lee Wollrab
I am writing this letter in support of the work of Will Campbell and the Acoustic
Alchemy Studio. I had the pleasure of seeing a Studio concert with Christie Lenée at
the Augustana Chapel setting recently. As a producer of professional arts events, I
found the entire evening to be professionally produced from the greeting I received
to the use of the space, to the quality of light and sound production. Having toured
theatrical productions to many spaces, I know that the conversion of an entire space
is no small feat. The entire event was beautifully executed from the time I and my
husband entered the space to our departure; Will’s vision for the experience was
clear and carefully crafted.
As a patron, I found the to the quality of the musicianship and the themes of
Christie’s music uplifting, engaging and inspiring. I was not familiar with this artist
and was spiritually nourished for having spent time with her. Having spent several
years in ministry coordination and as a Synod staff member, I believe the event not
only embodied thoughtful spiritual engagement, but it also provided an important
invitation to the area community. Immanuel has so many gifts to offer our
community. These gifts were made apparent in your hospitality, unconditional
welcome, access to uplifting content, a beautiful sanctuary space and in your
invitation to a larger community.
As a church worker, I understand the challenges of expanding our reach and I see
how often we inadvertently keep our table smaller. At times, simply opening our
doors however we can is our best strategy. I commend the Council on their
understanding of that idea and its excellent execution. Both my husband and I
appreciate the welcoming, quality environment of the Acoustic Alchemy Studio and
will return for more great experiences as they are scheduled. Thank you for
extending this beautiful music series to the local community. Don’t Stop!
— Julia Bennett, Ph.D. EWAID Synod Assembly Coordinator Artistic Director, Theater for Young Audiences / Treasure Valley Children’s Theater